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Global Thermopile Infrared Sensor Industry Research Report, Growth Trends and Competitive Analysis 2020-2026

Published: Aug 2020 Total Pages: 116 | Published By: QYResearch Group

Thermopiles are designed to measure temperature from a distance by detecting an object's infrared (IR) energy. The higher the temperature, the more IR energy is emitted. The thermopile sensing element, composed of small thermocouples on a silicon chip, absorb the energy and produce an output signal. A reference sensor is designed into the package as a reference for compensation. Thermopile infrared (IR) non-contact temperature measurement sensors are available with various lens, and filters allowing use in multiple applications, from industrial pyrometers, to climate controls and medical devices.

Thermopile Infrared Sensor are mainly classified into the following types: Through Hole and SMD. Through Hole is the most widely used type which takes up about 68.3% of the total sales in 2019.Thermopile Infrared Sensor have wide range of applications, such as Medical Devices, IoT Smart Home, Industrial Use, etc. And Medical Device was the most widely used area which took up about 47.4% of the global total in 2019. Asia Pacific is the largest region of Thermopile Infrared Sensor in the world in the past few years and it will keep increasing in the next few years. Asia Pacific market took up about 43.3% the global market in 2019, while Europe and North America were about 23.1%, 28.2%. Japan, USA, EU, etc. are now the key developers of Thermopile Infrared Sensor. There are a few vendors developing Thermopile Infrared Sensor in China, such as Winson and Senba Sensing Technology.

The global Thermopile Infrared Sensor market size is projected to reach US$ 627.6 million by 2026, from US$ 554 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 2.1% during 2021-2026.

In terms of production side, this report researches the Thermopile Infrared Sensor production capacity, value, ex-factory price, growth rate, market share by manufacturers, regions (or countries) and by Type.

In terms of consumption side, this report focuses on the consumption of Thermopile Infrared Sensor by regions (countries) and by Application.

The global Thermopile Infrared Sensor market is thoroughly, accurately, and comprehensively assessed in the report with a large focus on market dynamics, market competition, regional growth, segmental analysis, and key growth strategies. Buyers of the report will have access to verified market figures, including global market size in terms of revenue and volume. As part of production analysis, the authors of the report have provided reliable estimations and calculations for global revenue and volume by Type segment of the global Thermopile Infrared Sensor market. These figures have been provided in terms of both revenue and volume for the period 2015-2026. Additionally, the report provides accurate figures for production by region in terms of revenue as well as volume for the same period. The report also includes production capacity statistics for the same period.

Regions and Countries

Regional analysis is another highly comprehensive part of the research and analysis study of the global Thermopile Infrared Sensor market presented in the report. This section sheds light on the sales growth of different regional and country-level Thermopile Infrared Sensor markets. It includes sales (consumption) analysis and forecast by each application segment and type segment in terms of volume for the period 2015-2020. For the period 2015-2026, it provides detailed and accurate country-wise volume sales analysis and region-wise volume analysis of the global Thermopile Infrared Sensor market.

The report offers in-depth assessment of the growth and other aspects of the Thermopile Infrared Sensor market in important countries, including U.S., Canada, Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. Key regions covered in the report are North America, Europe, China, Japan and Southeast Asia

Leading Players

The analysts authoring the report have closely analyzed each leading and prominent player of the global Thermopile Infrared Sensor market. The competitive analysis section of the report provides a list of players competing at a global level and segregates them according to the type segment of the global Thermopile Infrared Sensor market they focus on. It also provides production analysis by the manufacturer for the period 2015-2020. In addition, readers of the report are provided with revenue analysis and price analysis by the manufacturer at a global level for the period 2015-2020. Considering the same period, the market entry year of each player included in the report has been provided.

This report includes the following manufacturers; we can also add the other companies as you want.








Hamamatsu Photonic




Senba Sensing Technology

Sunshine Technologies


Market Segment by Type

Through Hole Thermopile Infrared Sensor

SMD Thermopile Infrared Sensor

Market Segment by Application

Medical Devices

IoT Smart Home

Industrial Use


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